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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stock Pick

My dad is always bugging me for a good stock pick, so here goes. Lowe's (LOW) is solid. They've been profitable for quite some time now. The numbers are strong although there will probably be some slowing due to the housing slowdown and just the fact that it's harder to continually put up big numbers as the company has already experienced tremenedous growth. They still have some growth ahead of them being that there are fewer stores than their rival Home Depot (HD). It certainly seems that the stores are always across the street from each other, but Lowe's does have fewer stores and can still pull market share from HD. I think Lowe's is at a fair price relative to future growth and future Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth. So, take a look at the numbers and see if Lowe's fits in your portfolio.

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