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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans' Day

Happy Veterans' Day! The weather has been downright nasty. Today was all about running some errands, getting inside and reading a book. Nonetheless, Veterans' Day is a great holiday and it should be observed. So again, happy Veterans' Day.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even get the day off; so lousy. Oh well, I do get a week off for thanksgiving.

Bob Lane said...

I was in a coffee shop on North 21st last week and a geezer came in wearing a blacksweatshirt with the inscription "Hilltopia" on it, with some sort of slogan beneath. Is that one of yours? He said some guy in his church is distributing them but I was too shy to press for details.

I have coffee Sunday mornings at Feast Art Center on South 11th (behind the Safeway) and I think a few of us would be interested in them.

Did you see the TNT article last week about how all you college types are gentrifying Hilltop, so that all its residents are going to have to move to more affordable housing in, say Ruston? Oh no, that's already spoiled!

I'm an ex-newspaperman living near U.P.S. I guess I'm one of the gentry.

--bob lane