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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blessing in Disguise?

With construction projects underway on I-5, many commuters are finding different ways to work. Maybe all of the road construction is allowing people to take a second look at how they get to work. And maybe, commuters will realize that there really is a great importance and need for alternative ways of getting to work (and everywhere else for that matter). Western Washington is still far behind when it comes to alternative means of travel. Maybe this construction hiccup will get voters interested and energized about funding more alternatives for public transportation. Below is a link from The Tacoma News Tribune about the current commute into Seattle.

The Tacoma News Tribune


Morgan said...

Hi! I sure hope you can do a better and more timely project(s)that what San Francisco/Bay Area has done. A story came out yesterday stated that on any given day, commuters are wasting 144,000 hours going to and from work. There are plans to get this all fixed - so many plans that nothing is being done. The initial cost is estimated to be $345 Billion with another $254 Billion needed later. They expect this project to be completed in 2050 (speedy little devils, aren't they) as the SFO area is expected to increase in population by 10M people by then. Count your blessings!

Anonymous said...

Traffic seriously decreases your quality of life. I try to avoid it at all costs.

Peter said...

Not much else takes so much time and offers so little in return.