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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Politics-Bloomberg is Crowding the Field a Little More

I think it’s interesting that Michael Bloomberg is possibly looking into making a run at the presidency. He’s an intriguing person. As a big time businessman, he’s left an unmistakable mark on the financial services industry. For all intents and purposes, it appears that New York City is doing fine under his leadership as mayor. Oddly enough, I find it strange that another former NYC mayor is running for the same office. Maybe Mayor of NYC is becoming one of the premier political jobs (similar to Governor of California). But anyways, I’m intrigued by Bloomberg. I think he may be able to bring a more straightforward, common sense approach to the presidential race. I like the fact that he has backed up his words with successful action. He knows how to run a business and make it profitable. That’s a hugely underestimated skill lacking in many politicians today. Most politicians know how to blow money, speak rhetoric, and get very little done. Maybe Bloomberg can bring some of his valuable insight to the forefront when discussing issues affecting the country. What the country needs is someone who can get results. Regardless of party (or lack thereof), the time for real action and decisiveness is long overdue. Currently, we have poor planning, poor execution, and an ability to divide where consensus is needed. We need change in a bad way.

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