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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weekend Events

This weekend should prove eventful. The Taste of Tacoma is going on and that’s always a good time. Also, the Mariners are making things interesting enough to continue to follow them during the baseball season. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, everyone should go to a game at Safeco Field at least once. The bar area in left/center field is one of the funnest places to hang out in Seattle. You won’t be bored, trust me. Speaking of summer sports, I’m playing some softball and man, my body aches. Workouts can’t quite prep you for the actual practices and games. Needless to say, my defense needs some work. I need to get to a batting cage as well. I hear there’s a good one in Puyallup that’s pretty cheap. Also, it sounds like Capers in downtown Tacoma is a pretty good new restaurant. I may have to stop by. Do they allow cleats I wonder?

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