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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Politics-Big Money for the Democrats

After reading various news reports of Barak Obama'a monstrous fundraising efforts, it appears that the Democrats really have some moneymaking potential. Barak raised approximately 32 million dollars in the last quarter. The Democrats are working hard to stuff their war chests full of cash before the mudslinging begins. Unfortunately, this appears to be the way that politics works in the modern era. Nevermind a platform where the candidate can express their views and plans, it's all about the money for a good portion of the campaign. Somehow I don't think democracy was supposed to be about making the most money to then spend on defaming your opponents. How does this continue? And who's solving our current problems while these people are out stumping for dollars? The last time I checked, we still had unfinished business and serious issues that needed to be resolved.

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