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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Apple Really Is Pretty Cool

So my wife and I both got some new pc laptops for work, sutff, etc. this past weekend. Mind you, I also have a Mac at home (which I adore). And as background info, I work on a pc all day at work. So I really know pc's is my main point. With that being said, the honeymoon with the laptops is effectively over according to my wife. She's over it in a big way. The funny thing is, she was the one that pushed for the new laptops to begin with. Well, after setup, continuous troubleshooting, more required purchases (which no salespeople disclosed as we were buying the laptops), more impromptu trips to numerous computer stores to buy stuff that we didn't know that we needed during setup, and yet more time wasted, we have come to the conclusion that if you can avoid going the pc route, by all means, do it! When we factored in all of the hidden costs of discs, upgrades, programs, etc., the Apples are not that much more expensive. Apple does a better job of bundling software and hardware up front so the cost appears greater at face value. But with new pcs only coming with trial versions of the software that you really need, well, as I said, it's a pretty close game of cost. And to top it all off, the Apples just have no setup or maintenance required. The Apple practically climbs out of the box and plugs itself in and begins working for you from the moment it comes home. Not so with the new pc. This must be what a parent feels like with a good kid and a bad kid. Now I can relate. Trust me, after today, as soon as I can go all Apple and pc-free, I'm doing it. Yes, I have a favorite child and it's name is Apple iMac G5.


mlighter said...

Peter - Many of our friends, including our website partner, swear by Macs. Our next laptop will be a Mac - hopefully purchased in the fall. Congratulations on your new favorite child. Do you suppose the Apple is a female - they're so intuitive? If so, then you can give it a proper name.

Peter said...

You know, I think the Apple is female. It is rather intuitive and graceful. Besides, it would be like a straight guy having a dude name for a car. You just don't see it very often.