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Monday, July 23, 2007

Construction Slowdown in Tacoma

Attached is a good follow up article from The Tacoma News Tribune on different construction projects throughout Tacoma. Unfortunately, it appears some of the previously proposed construction plans and projects are feeling some heat due to the housing slowdown. I had a worry that something like this could happen, especially in regards to the condominium projects. It really felt like there were an awful lot of new condo projects being built without much consideration for saturation or overbuilding. I guess if you’re currently in the market for a condo, you should be courted with enthusiasm from those looking to sell. Despite some projects hitting bumps, I do think Tacoma is still moving in the right direction (albeit a little more slowly now).

The Tacoma News Tribune

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Erik said...

The media articles are usually written as the condo market is exploding or imploding.

The condos are slowly and surely being sold. Even with the condos and apartments being completed that are in the pipeline, the new people downtown are going to add life to.

I am not too concerned about the "market" or oversold or undersold. It will self adjust.