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Monday, June 4, 2007

Sports-Go Cavs!

Not that I’ve watched every game of the NBA Playoffs, but I did manage to watch some of LeBron James’ masterful work. I don’t recall seeing someone dominate like that in quite a while. LeBron is playing great playoff basketball and is showing the world that he truly is an all-time great. LeBron has shown an ability to work for every basket. He has also shown that he can take over a game without alienating his team. Despite the number of shots, his teammates don’t seem to show any resentment. I’m hoping the guy carries his team all the way to the title. Besides, Cleveland deserves it after what Jordan did to that team for who knows how many years. And lastly, I just don’t get the feeling that LeBron is a jerk; as a matter of fact, he seems likeable. Go Cavs!

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