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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Today

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully you had a good day. I went for a good long walk while it was sunny out this morning. It still amazes me how much Tacoma is changing and getting nicer. There are still lots of home renovations and new construction sites despite the continuous bad news regarding real estate. Work is moving right along with little sign of a slowdown. I also went to Steamers for lunch today. That place always has good seafood and the view is pretty awesome. Their grilled salmon sandwich and side caesar salad was a good bet. Unfortunately, the weather went south in a big way later today. By the middle of the afternoon it started dumping water. Oh well, life in Washington I suppose. And lastly, the organic section at the Fred Meyer's in Puyallup is pretty impressive. They have lots of products that are usually not found at most other regular places of business. Hopefully we'll get something closely resembling that in Hilltop one day in the future.

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