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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

M’s Win on Opening Day!

Lots going on these days. The Mariners Opening Day was a great time. Nice weather, some sun, Mariners winning a ballgame…what’s better than that? In other news, Tacoma seems to be changing by the day. Renovated houses, buildings (some collapsing), and new life coming into town. The old Eagles Lodge coming down may be a blessing in disguise. The building and others around it were out of use for who knows how long. I drive by that block every morning and the block was just an eyesore. Maybe now something of use to the residents can go in there. Also, I went to dinner at The Gateway of India with my wife and some friends last week. Man, that place is always really good. It’s a good bet every time. If you ever find yourself on 6th Ave., head there and you’ll be happy you did afterwards.

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