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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tacoma Attracting New Talent?

Is Tacoma attracting new energetic professionals? As the city grows and undergoes massive change, I think this is a relevant question to ask. Is there more that can be done to promote business, art and entrepreneurship in our city? I think there are some things that can be done. Thankfully, as residents we can help promote these changes. As I’ve said before, I think we can do more to fight crime and make potentially dangerous people feel a little more unwanted. Changing our environment to become more open and welcoming to everyday people is a must. As the weather gets warmer, it becomes even more important to get outside and make yourself known. Crimes involving drugs and property among other things tend to dwindle when regular, everyday people get outside and reclaim their neighborhoods. I also think the residents can begin to meet and become more connected to other great people in their neighborhoods. Just meeting people on your block and neighborhood creates a greater feeling of community that can certainly come in handy if or when something does happen that needs attention. Also, people tend to pay greater attention to random strangers loitering when they know whether any of these people are welcome or invited. I also think more can be done to create a greater feeling or vibe of creativity and artistic expression. Remaining open and welcoming to artists and creative professionals can affect so much awesome change in a community. Being able to support and attend events that foster this kind of creativity only helps to bring more of the arts and entertainment to a city. I think the business, art and music scene is beginning to pick up in Tacoma but we can always do more to support efforts to showcase local talent and encourage others to become involved in the local movement. Also, there are more ways to promote these events and trends via blogs. Thankfully there are other great local blogs besides Hilltopia that promote the same causes but in their own unique, interesting ways. For a good start, check out and Those are definitely two of my favorites and they’re a must read for locals trying to keep up with our ever-changing scene.

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