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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

M’s and What’s Up With The Money?

Holy cow, the M’s are 2-0? I wouldn’t even have bet that would be possible. Granted there are 160 games left, but I’m going to be happy about being undefeated before I lose my opportunity. Elsewhere, what’s up with all of the millions presidential candidates are raising these days? With all of the fundraising, who’s working back in Washington DC? That really bugs me, Democracy shouldn’t be about war chests full of cash. And really, these people need to be working, not begging for cash. There should be a federal law that enforces a hard limit on campaign financing and spending. Every candidate gets the chance to raise the same amount of cash and run a fixed number of ads. And there should be no opt out or any other option. You’re running? Ok, if you can raise x amount of dollars go ahead and by the way, you only get x amount of ads to run as well. And by the way, there are x number of debates that you have to participate in and no, we won’t give you the questions beforehand. Also, rich people and big business shouldn’t dictate who gets put in front of the American people for the presidential vote. Thankfully, it appears that there really is a diverse pool of candidates to choose from currently. Maybe people can revolt by choosing a candidate that has a chance to win but can still remember who they are representing. Hmmm, I think the M’s have a better chance of going 162-0.

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angela said...

As my previous comment. It seems the parties are more interested in raising money rather then running this country properly. New Orleans, Alabama, Mississippi is still a complete mess/diaster. Why don't they donate some of the millions and millions of dollars to promote their campaigns to relief? Because they want to 'winwinwin'. It's such bullshit.