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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sailors Set Free

I was happy to see that Iran was willing to let the British sailors go. I think that situation could have gotten much worse had the sailors been detained longer or had any harm come to them. Iran seems to be an interesting issue that we must comes to terms with eventually. Hopefully the next President will be able to logically address the issue and possibly bring more international and regional players to the table so that there really will be an international coalition seeking to bring stability to that region. The Middle East has been such a hotspot for so long that it seems almost hopeless to address it. But, I do think more can be done diplomatically if the right processes are implemented. Our current administration has done such a poor job with international diplomacy that almost anyone elected will have a good chance of improved relations with foreign countries. I really do believe the U.S. has been done a disservice with the poor manner in which our international relations have been handled. It is imperative for the next President to commit to rebuilding relationships with other countries. The U.S. cannot afford to go it alone every time we decide that it is time for us to play international cop. Hopefully this will be less of an issue, especially if we elect someone who can decipher between duty and special interest.

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