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Thursday, April 12, 2007

More War News

News is in that some of the troops in Iraq may be deployed longer than previously thought. That’s unfortunate, it appears that the swamp we’re mired in has no end. And to make matters worse, I don’t think the current administration has any answers for the mess they’ve created. Thankfully, I think the American public is beginning to see past the political catch phrases and rhetoric. Speeches and press conferences can only do so much damage control and even some of the Republican faithful see the reality. A lack of real results and continual news of deaths and chaos make the political banter all the more absurd. Unfortunately, we can’t force political leaders to lead where they are creating the mess. Somehow I think the actions taken by the current administration would be different if they had to lead and plan based out of Iraq instead of on our safe distant shores. In yet another example of clueless leadership, poor policy has become the reoccurring norm instead of the practice of reviewing real results or performance.

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