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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Festivals Needed?

With Tall Ships being such a huge success for Tacoma, it begs the question of whether Tacoma should be willing to help pay for more festivals and exhibitions in the city. Tall Ships was great because it brought so much more life to the city streets. People were out and had ample opportunity to see our great waterfront and downtown areas. Being that Tall Ships was so successful, should Tacoma attempt to bring in another large event or attempt to create an event on its own? I think the answer should be a resounding yes on all fronts. An annual event during the summer months would be a huge boon to Tacoma businesses. It would also serve as a great marketing opportunity for the city. With so much housing being built, Tacoma needs to take a more proactive stance towards marketing the city to the demographic population that it needs. Giving people a chance to come here and see the changes will only help reverse the name that Tacoma has earned itself over the past few decades. With other cities in the region experiencing their own growth spurts, Tacoma needs to take a very proactive stance in marketing itself in a manner that separates itself from the rest of the region. Current residents, businesses, and the city itself all stand to gain on the new positive exposure if done correctly.

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