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Monday, April 2, 2007

Misc. Rambling

I had a pretty busy weekend. My wife had to work a little, we went to dinner at Stanley and Seafort's, we went to a birthday party, and I watched a little b-ball action as well as going on a Sunday night walk through the neighborhood. First, Stanley and Seafort's was good. Dinner was tasty and the view was great. We also went to a birthday party up in Auburn. It was so cold, it started snowing a little. C'mon, it's April! I need some warmer weather right about now. And of course basketball is the big story with the Final Four. And oddly enough, the Sonics have been playing fairly well. I don't get it, they're pretty bad overall but they've shown some new life. Last night we went for a walk through Hilltop. It was interesting to see that there are still plenty of houses being flipped. One particular street looked like it was going through a massive upgrade because of the various houses being renovated. I was happy to see that especially since the housing and mortgage scare has some people skittish on flipping properties currently. But, the area of Hilltop from 6th through 11th Ave. is going through some good changes (here and there) now. And finally, today we're going to Opening Day at Safeco with a bunch of buddies. Go Mariners!

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