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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Could/Would Tacoma Support a Big Box Retailer Downtown?

With so much talk about the possibility or need for more shopping downtown, what are the chances of real success for a large retail business? Would you make it a point to shop in Downtown Tacoma just to prove that it could work? What if the store were something like a Wal-Mart? Would you refuse to shop there because of any previous beliefs about the business or would you shop there because they took a chance when it’s obvious that other big retailers are reluctant to move into downtown currently? I think these are valid questions. The residential density downtown isn’t very high for an urban area. But, could the local residents make up for that by showing a little more loyalty in spending their dollars in a place that has shown a willingness to take a chance? And what if the first retailer failed? Would that be the signal of doom to other prospective retailers thinking about coming into Downtown Tacoma? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

It boils down to around 60 percent of the money spent at a local business stays in the community.

Chains and other non-locally owned models it's around 40 percent.

Locally owned, purchased and operated is the best for revitalizing the downtown.