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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Politics-Will Anyone Address Real Problems?

As the barrage of messages from political candidates continues, I begin to wonder about a question that is pointed to all of the candidates. Can any of these people really solve real problems experienced by real people? We’re only now beginning to hear about how to fix health care and that’s about it. I still don’t think I’ve heard anything (including the health care platforms) that makes me think that we’re going to get somewhere good with these people. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think cryptic or let’s take a simple approach and tax the rich answers will suffice this time around. Simplicity to gain popularity for popularity’s sake doesn’t truly solve any problems. And does anyone really believe that taxing the rich will work with all of the special interest groups and political pressure the wealthy can exert on candidates? I have to believe that’s a far cry answer from reality (sorry Barack). What we really need is someone who is willing to come forward with big answers that have realistic chances to succeed. I’m just not confident that has happened. Everyone is so busy raising money that no one really has an answer to the war, health care (with viable funding), Social Security deficits, efficient infrastructure, excellent education, environmental protections, and a truly green plan for the future. And by the way, the debates are turning out to be more political rhetoric spewing sessions as opposed to giving the public a well-thought out agenda for success and progress. When did politics become so lame and unoriginal?


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angela said...

Politics is not about the issues, it's about who has enough to money to win. If the issues were the main issues..then so much money wouldn't be needed to win.. It's about having power and not knowing that that power can change lives for the better. But rather they use it for their own benefits and not the benefit of the people that got them there. The voters..