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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UFC-Great Night!

If you watched the Ultimate Fighting Pay-Per-View, you may be as shocked as I was on Saturday night. I really didn’t think Rampage Jackson was going to destroy the Iceman like that. I was wrong, really wrong. Rampage Jackson rolled through Liddell like he was nothing. I couldn’t believe it. After what the Iceman has done to Randy Couter and Tito Ortiz, I at least figured the fight would go for more than a round and with Chuck Liddell winning. Well, that didn’t happen (not by a long shot) and Rampage has all of my respect. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a true stud. By the way, the under card fights were great if you missed those as well. Houston Alexander? Who the heck is that guy? Well, apparently he’s a monster; you’ve got to see it. And Din Thomas is still looking like a really good fighter. Overall, it was a great night for fights.

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angela said...

As the rumours here in Vegas. Liddell was out partying to the wee hours the day before his fight. That's a cocky attitude towards his opponent. Thinking he could be up half the night, drink and still perform. He deserved to get his ass whoommppeedd for that alone. Jackson deserved that win, discipline took him all the way.