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Monday, May 21, 2007

Tacoma-Starting to Perk Up?

Last Friday I went for a pretty long walk downtown along Pacific Avenue. It was encouraging to see UW Tacoma students and downtown workers outside and working on their various tasks, projects, etc. It was also nice to see downtown with some more life. Usually my walks take place after business hours when downtown feels eerie and deserted. But, on that sunny day, life was there. Something else that I found encouraging is the area down by Meconi’s is starting feel more populated and alive. With the new various businesses there, it’s beginning to feel like that end of Pacific Ave. isn’t lost or forgotten. I still wish something would happen with the old Drake nightclub. Maybe a live music venue? I also think more can be done with outdoor vendors downtown. During my walk, it just felt like you had to go into a building for everything and couldn’t just shop or get food/drinks/etc. while meandering downtown. I have no idea if there is some sort of permitting/legal process for this, but it sure would make the whole downtown experience feel more vibrant if there were more reasons to stop and look around.

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