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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Health Insurance-How Expensive Can It Get?

The attached article by Kyung Song from The Seattle Times discusses how rates for many people with individual health plans are going up. How much longer can this continue? Americans who have hesitated to vote for politicians with a real health plan agenda cannot afford to wait much longer. I think at this point many Americans are beginning to feel the squeeze from rising health care premiums and deductibles. Tinkering with the system cannot be the real answer. Sweeping changes and dramatic action steps are necessary. To think that annual cost increases can continue much longer is simply unrealistic. Action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. If numerous countries the world over can figure this out, surely America can come up with a viable, appropriate answer to our specific problem. What must happen is accountability. The public must absolutely require a specific plan of action from every public leader in government. Health care isn’t the sexy, exciting topic that gets the blood boiling or gets people moving. But it needs to become that or the problem will consume families that are already on the brink of poverty. Make this an issue that political candidates cannot ignore or remain non-committal towards solving. For once, politics needs to take a back seat to productivity, planning and action.

The Seattle Times

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