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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tacoma Needs More Coffee

This past week I went to the Firehouse Coffee Company on 6th Ave. A pretty cool place and the coffee was good. It’s a wi-fi spot so you get online if you bring a laptop. Overall, the vibe was pretty cool. There’s plenty of space and it’s quite nice and comfy inside. I like all of the big windows and the décor (a nice change from Starbucks green). If you’re a people watcher, it’s a really good corner to drink coffee and hang out. The building itself is a nice, new addition to 6th Ave. But again, I was apprehended by the early closing time for a coffee shop (9pm). Not that I’m a night owl, I just don’t like having to leave when I’m not ready. Besides Bertolino’s on Union Ave., there is a severe lack of late night coffee shops in Tacoma. And because Bertolino’s is consistently full, it’s not always a great option, especially if you can’t get a table. So why am I going on about this? Because Tacoma needs a late night coffee shop in a really bad way. How can the late night artists, students and professionals all congregate if the only option is one small coffee shop that’s already packed? And besides, options and variety are good. It’s not that there aren’t coffee shops or drive-thrus in Tacoma. There are, they just close really early as compared to any other larger cities’ coffee shops. Heck, by the time I get home, a few of the coffee shops on Pacific Ave. are already closed (we’re talking 6pm folks). So if you want to open a coffee shop, please come to Tacoma and stay open past 9pm. Your shop will be packed, I know from experience.


Jake said...

There is another Bertolino's on Orchard Street @ Emerson in Fircrest/UP area.

Starbucks on 72nd & Hosmer is a 24 hour drive thru.

I hope the new coffee shop in the grocery store development at 25th and Yakima is open late.

Commencement Bay Coffee Co. closes way to early! 6pm

A developer is working on getting a coffee shop with drive tru on 19th and MLK

Peter said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I've heard good things about Commencement Bay. The Starbucks on 72nd is a good last resort, but it stays really busy. Yeah, I'm hoping for some new options as well.

tacomachickadee said...

I second Commencement Bay Coffee as a great place, though I don't think it's open late.

Mandolin Cafe on S. 12th is open pretty late, esp. on weekends.

Blackwater on Fawcett is another phenomenal coffee place.

Northern Pacific Coffee Co. out near PLU has plenty of food as well as beer (even Guinness, on tap I believe).

Shakabrah is a nice coffee/breakfast place with a personality of its own.

In the North End neighborhood there is Cavanaugh's Coffee House. Open at about 6:30 a.m. I believe, and open until 7.

So there's a few non-big-chains that if you haven't hit, you really, really should.

tacomachickadee said...

Well, I guess I thirded CCBC.

Peter said...

Geez, chickadee knows some coffee!

tacomachickadee said...

And I forgot to mention Kickstand Cafe, also on Fawcett (next to the Grand). I hear they're open late. They do music and such too I believe.

Then there's the Spar in old town ... the coffee shop side, not the bar ... they make a great Americano and if you have kids with you, it's a great place to order the bar food and even still get a beer (or coffee -- see I really am on topic).

And I'm not sure how late Antique Sandwich Co. is open over in Ruston, but they do an ok cup for a really nice price.

And yes, I really like my coffee. One of the first phrases all my kids learned: "Coffee shop."