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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The World is Ending! What’s Up with the Republicans?

Well, you know the world is ending when the President will veto a bill that puts any emphasis on a timetable to get his messy war cleaned up. How long will the present administration be in complete denial of the disaster that they’ve created? I get the fact that there were some really poor decisions made. I also get the idea that there were more poor decisions made regarding strategy and planning the war effort after we invaded and infiltrated Iraq. But c’mon, when will the Republicans get back to the reality that everyone else is living in now? We have one of the most disastrous wars in American history on our hands and there is no effort to reconvene and try to make things right. Instead, political banter and a complete refusal to go back to the drawing board is the continued method of operation by this current administration. Maybe we all don’t have to agree on everything about the war. But to act like this current war effort is all according to plan and to then act as if we are presently headed to a successful outcome is complete insanity or at the very least, foolish. To accept the existence of major obstacles or setbacks does not emphasize defeat among Republicans. What it does is show that the Republican Party can accept that things haven’t gone according to plan and that they are working towards a successful solution by re-evaluating the current situation or reality. Going back to the drawing board doesn’t signal defeat. Acting like nothing is wrong when the sky is falling shows something much, much worse.

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