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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney in Rehab? Headlines Gone Wild!

I don’t often write about celebrities, but I couldn’t help myself. The pink and checkered pop culture elephant has been sitting idly by in the room long enough. What’s up with all of the weird celebrity headlines? Old Jerry Springer episodes don’t even come close to all of the funk hitting the airwaves and print now. And we thought we were going to hell then… At least on Springer they had panties, hair and shoes (although the shoes came off if you wanted to fight). And in reality, who gives a crap? Why does any of this matter? What are most celebrities good for now other than a disposable, forgettable song and some bad acting? How many truly talented artists can you name? It’s sad, we’ve gone to a less than disposable culture. We’re practically cheering for people to fall off the wagon. It’s like The Sims but not as fun. I’m not sure where it happened, but something has gone terribly wrong. And no, I don’t just blame the media. If people didn’t truly pay attention, the media would find something else that people are paying attention to at that moment. And in some part these celebrities have sold themselves out so often and for so long you wonder if this is really what they have been asking for all of their lives. And to some extent, I think it is. In a weird, sad way, they are getting what they deserve and have been seeking. Britney or _________ (fill in teen star’s name here) could have just as easily went to college/or got a regular job/or not gotten caught sleeping with so and so and so and so (Get the video for $19.95! But wait! There's more!). But no, they wanted to be famous. And so now they are. And what’s the prize? A degenerate lifestyle/name/reputation/situation spiraling out of control. And I think we all know where they land. In obscurity after the next big “artist” comes along. So does the bad/tragic Shakespearean-type play ever end? Or do we start all over again when the current group of befuddled stars dies off and Court TV stops reporting about the funeral/royalty/custody battles? Ugh, I'm disgusted.


angela said...

It's a bit overkill. Personally I think Britney is a skank to the 10th power. Even when she was considered the 'clean' girl. She was a tramp..sleeping all over town. And now that she's single, she's even worse. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. I have no sympathy.

Peter said...

It's a sad song with a country ending. I feel a little bad; it's like knowing there's a cliff ahead and the girl is going 100 mph. Hopefully she wises up before it gets worse for her. We don't need another Anna Nicole situation.