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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hoops-All Star Weekend

So did anyone watch much of the NBA's All Star Weekend? I didn't. I saw about 2 seconds of the All Star Game, noticed it was a blowout and changed the channel. Is there a bigger waste than the NBA's All Star game? There's no legitimate value. Everyone is playing halfheartedly and nothing is at stake. At least in baseball the All Star game decides home field advantage in the World Series. And in football, it really looks like the guys play hard as a matter of pride. Watch some of the hits (especially Sean Taylor's special teams hit) and tell me that the football players don't take it seriously. But hoops? C'mon, I want to like everything about the NBA. And when I was watching MJ, Magic and Bird, I did. But after MJ left, somehow it feels like the league lost its way and never quite returned. I must admit, there's been some good playoff series with the Pistons, Lakers, Spurs, Mavs and Heat. But overall, it's just not the same. Maybe LeBron will take us back there, but I'm not holding my breath for him or Pippen (He's returning? What the hell?). When do we get to see good teams again? Not a marquee player against another marquee player (like Kobe vs. LeBron). I'm talking Lakers vs. Celtics. I'm talking Vinny Johnson coming off the bench and torchin' ya for 20. Coop coming in to lock someone down. Hell, I'd take Spider Salley and some ugly rebounding. Where's that stuff? The Pistons were there for about a second and then poof!, nothing. Help me, I want to like the NBA again.


Vanessa Byers said...

I didn't see any of the game and I didn't know who'd won. I agree with your sentiments.

Peter said...

Well, we didn't miss much and apparently Vegas didn't either. There's always next year!