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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Politics-Cheney Targeted

Now that Vice-President Cheney has been personally targeted during his trip to Afghanistan, I wonder if there will be a change of U.S. policy. It’s been quite evident for years that Afghanistan has been a problem for the U.S. as opposed to Iraq. But inexplicably, Afghanistan got 2nd rate status as we decided to blow Iraq (and any type of order) to smithereens. Well, some people in Afghanistan must have decided that they weren’t getting enough attention. And yet again, Al Qaida militants in Afghanistan wished to make themselves known. Why we didn’t address the issue there and avoid Iraq to begin with is completely lost on me. But, now would be a good time to reevaluate our policy regarding Afghanistan and be proactive in fixing the terrorist problems there. I don’t think many U.S. citizens still feel we’re getting anywhere in Iraq. But, I think we all know where the root of many of our foreign problems lie. And that (for all of this time), has been Afghanistan. Maybe we can make the right decisions and address the dire situation there this time around.

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