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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Stuff We Already Knew

Do you get irritated when the news spouts off new findings from studies that really just restate what you've thought all along? For example, all week there have been articles and news clips re: global warming. Their point is that man is responsible for it. Well gee, who was thinking that the chimps or fish were responsible for global warming? That cult has got to be fun if they've found a way to blame some apes. I mean really, when does it get to be insulting when the media has to try to prove a point that most people already agree on? I don't know, I guess I find it trite or wasteful when media conglomerates have the opportunity to really attack issues and enlighten people and here we are discussing why Britney is so trashy. Does it really matter? Will her trashiness save humanity from ourselves? I doubt it.

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angela said...

I think when they discuss Britney or Tom and Katie or nonsense that has really nothing to do with us. It's entertaining in the fact that it takes one of their own reality for a second. And often makes them realize 'hey my life is great' compared to theirs. Obviously money can't buy taste or smarts when it comes to Britney. Anyways, You should watch Al Gore's Documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Pretty interesting stuff on their. Definitely worth the look.