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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Worthy Goal

I’ve been thinking a lot about politics lately. I think the American people should come up with a worthy goal affecting our political situation. And I don’t think the goal has to based on an affiliation with a political party. But I do believe that people have to do a much better job of getting the necessary information in order to make more informed choices. I think everyone needs to realize that we can’t elect people based solely on religious or political rhetoric. Certainly people have voted in the recent past and have been completely duped based on words with little backing or meaning. We should demand that the next wave of presidential candidates really explain a plan for domestic and international affairs. Of course, the war, health care, jobs, the economy, education, Social Security and taxes need to be a part of this explanation. But simply running on a Christian, “good ol’ boy” platform cannot be considered adequate for election. Thankfully, with blogs (like this one), technology and the dissemination of information, things are changing, but I’m not convinced times will have changed enough to rid us of the responsibility of getting to the truth.


jldtudor said...

I think that because of the internet, with the "social networking" phenomena in play, politicians will find it harder to hide behind rhetoric and clichés, like "staying on message".

News and topics of discussion are circulating faster these days. Also, the internet is giving average citizens a platform for expressing their own opinions, through blogging and citizen journalizm.

It should be the duty of the electorate to demand that politicians speak truthfully to the concerns that their constituents (those that politicians claim they desire to serve and represent) face.


Peter said...

I agree wholeheartedly, I couldn't have said it better myself.