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Thursday, February 15, 2007

President's Day

President’s Day is almost upon us. I actually forgot that it was coming up. Nice bonus I suppose. So what do you do for President’s Day? I don’t think people have President’s Day traditions, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s not quite the same as Independence Day or Memorial Day; it seems like it gets the short end of the patriotic holiday stick. But in case you do something traditional, indulge us; I’m not sure everyone is on the same page with this one.


Jose said...

I reflect on the successes of our most unappreciated Presidents. Just kidding, but that is probably not a bad idea.

Peter said...

Not a bad idea. Too bad there's no common activity or tradition. Kind of like blowing stuff up with fireworks or huge BBQ's, etc.

pat hixon said...

who cares? i'll take a paid holiday to honor almost anybody!