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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Weekend is here. We finally get to see if the Indy offense can move against the Bears' D. We get to see the overpriced ads, eat junk food, sit back and relax on a couch (any couch will do), and maybe even see a football game. The sad thing about Super Bowl Weekend is that after the game, football goes away for a while. Of course the college game is back in Sept., but when your baseball team and the Sonics suck, that's a long ways away. So for many of us, it's a bittersweet event. But afterwards, we look forward to sunny days at Safeco Field and the Pyramid Brewery. Yes, I can see the $7 beers now...

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angela said...

Great thing about Vegas is that it gets packed on Superbowl weekend with all the gamblers coming in to place their bets. The strip and local bars all get packed. Most of the newer bars and all casino have mega screens to view the games. Beers, drinks are free while gambling or sitting at the section where bets are placed. So you could win a little and drink for free. Many of the casinos are having promo parties where food, drink and game on a giant screen is free. It's a blast from what I hear. But for me, sitting at home, ordering a pizza, drinking some soda and chilling is my idea of a fun day. And I don't have to put makeup on. Eat all I want and not be embrassed by it (cuz no one is watching) belch and be a lazy ass. It's all in the day of Superbowl American style, any which way you chose. Happy Day..