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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Does Joe Biden Stand a Chance?

I like Joe Biden. The Senator from Delaware has some interesting things to say. Besides being interesting, he’s running for President. Does he have a chance? The longtime Senator from Delaware looks solid when doing interviews and he puts out tough (and sometimes brash) quotes. It appears that he had a quote regarding Obama that got taken a little out of context. He made a reference to Obama essentially praising him, but said something about Obama being a clean, storybook candidate. The “clean” reference got some people offended. I got the gist of it and it really wasn’t a racist comment; people are really looking for something that isn’t there. I think we’re splitting hairs being that the guy was giving a true compliment. But that’s beside the point. The media likes Biden because he’s a good interview. But did he wait one election too long to run? With the likes of Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, the Democratic pool is quite full. Believe me, I like having choices and I think it’s good for the country to have numerous people to choose from. But does this Senator stand a chance? I personally am not so sure that he does. But, I do think he would round out a ticket as a VP candidate. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, and savvy. Sometimes he comes across as a politician (not a good thing) and a little confrontational. But, he has good things to say. Let’s see how things go. The race only becomes more interesting.



pat hixon said...

in a word, no. he's made too many mistakes in the past.

fault with "clean" reference to b obama? ya know this is why some of us are just saying to hell with political correctness! because no matter what anyone says now, there are always some pc idiots who act like we are not supposed to say anything without it offending them.
the very concept of political correctness flies in the face of what this country was founded on and is still about! being able to have your say, regardless of your station in society, regardless of whether you hold a position of authority in government, or if you are the least powerful blue collar worker bee!

Peter said...

Being pc is a disease that's hit the US. I do believe we should be kind, truthful, and honest. But saying what needs to be said is also very important and people just can't take heat or hear what needs to be said. And, people are generally way too sensitive to things now.