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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blog Recommendation

Hello all, I'm going to take a minute and pass along another great resource. It's a blog from a lady by the name of Paula Mooney. I've had some correspondence with her and I think we're quickly becoming friends. I discovered her blog and I haven't been able to say a bad thing about it. Paula is insightful and very encouraging. If you're a Christian, it's even better. I always thought it was weird when people got to know each other online (and I've even joked about it). But, by reading her work and emails, she's right on in her thoughts and work. With Hilltopia being such a new blog, it's been a pleasure getting information and encouragement from someone who I think is in many ways, light years ahead (not just ahead of me, but of most of the blogging community). So please, check Paula's work out, it's tremendous and you would be hard pressed to find anything else better.

Paula Mooney


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Thank you, Peter, for such an inspiring compliment! Some days I wonder why I'm doing this blogging thing...and to get such great and impassioned feedback from my cyber friends like you makes it all the worthwhile.

Happy Sunday,

Peter said...

Not a problem! I'm sure your blog is helping many people's days get that much better. Keep up the great work!