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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


With the iPhone, Wii, PS3, and everything else out there, what really gets you excited? Some of it, none of it, any of it? As cool as the iPhone looks, I think there could be even more improvements. There could be more emphasis on games and gameplay. With a machine like that, cool games would definitely be fun. And the ability to play someone wirelessly with the phone would be cool too. As far as the game consoles go, they look pretty good but there still isn’t a killer game that really shows off the hardware. And what’s with the hassle of trying to buy the stuff? If you have the money, why is it so tough to buy these products? There’s crowds, lines, waits, pre-sales, etc., etc. I wish these companies would figure out that many of the people who can afford this stuff don’t have the time to waste putting up with the extra hassle of making the purchases. And, can we just make a console that can have the guts replaced when there is an upgrade? Why do I have to buy an entirely new console that’s a different size and color, and, has to find a place on my shelf with the other stereo, video, and game equipment? To buy any more of this stuff is going to require some furniture upgrades too. It’s getting to be too much work to make these purchases. Since when did making an upgrade become such a pain? And what if a company found a way to take the pain out of upgrading? Would you buy? You probably would. You would buy just on principle (and exasperation).

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