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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

How did you feel after hearing the State of the Union Address? I admit, I was eating and talking during most of it. But, from what I can tell, it appears that all of the politicians are a little leary about the way things are going. Republicans are careful not to appear too chummy with the President and Democrats want to appear dignified, but willing to work with Republicans wanting dramatic change. It's an interesting time in politics. Was it just me or did it seem like half of the room was filled with presidential candidates? I thought the response by Senator Webb (from Virgina) after the President's speech was very good. Senator Webb appears to be someone who I'll like in the coming years. A strong Democrat who appears to be concerned about the middle class. Senator Webb has been known to be an "Andrew Jackson Populist" who views the health of the country not by the successes of the upper class or business class, but by the middle class. That is a far departure from the Republican viewpoint on economic health or the general health of the country. Another really interesting fact about Senator Webb is that he actually worked for Ronald Reagan during his presidency. Who knew? I know that the State of the Union Address is really a lot of political banter and a presidential wishlist, so I'll reserve my judgment for actual political and civic results or outcomes. I'm glad that we're also beginning to turn back to something of a domestic agenda. With so much focus on the war, I think the domestic issues have gone unattended. Not that the war is unimportant, but there are matters to be tended to here as well. Now about that war problem that's developed...

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