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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Weekend Misc.

Sheila and I went to The Matador and The Melting Pot last night with some family and friends. The Matador was so packed that we bolted for The Melting Pot. It was good to see a new place in downtown Tacoma doing so well. Hopefully even more businesses sprout up around that end of Pacific Ave. I'm still hoping a live music venue goes into the old Drake's building. An Irish Pub is setting up shop just a few steps away so that's definitely a cool thing. The Melting Pot was good. I'm not really a fondue person, but we tried some new things and it was pretty good. I'm not quite sure that guys in general dig the whole fondue concept, but there's worse things to endure out there. Well, we're headed up to Everett to hang out with some friends and catch a hockey game, so I'll have to fill you in on the details later. Stay out of troube this weekend. Prediction, Hawks win 34-31. Go Hawks!


angela said...

I recently went to the Melting Pot and thought it was an average dinner at best. I'm not much of a fondue person either and it's expensive for what it is in my opinion. I'd rather go to Flemings or Roy's for the same amount.

Peter said...

I think you can get a steak at The Met for the same price. For me, a great steak and potato is the dinner of choice. Of course a good bowl of pho' for 5 bucks isn't bad either.

angela said...

speaking of..we just came back from pho'. actually andrew and dad had pho and i had a banh cao' (spelling). it was good too. but i still think mom's is the best.

angela said... do I post pics on here? I wanted to put a couple of the kids up here..

Peter said...

I don't think it's possible to post pics by commenters. It would be too easy for people to post objectionable content (I think that's why it's not possible anyways).