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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Second Home

With so much development going on in Tacoma, I thought about all of the condos and the prevailing thought that many of these condos will be a second property for many families. I'm a middle class guy working his way up through the ranks, but honestly, I don't know that many people that have more than one home. I know people that have a few properties, but I'm talking about someone that calls two different buildings home. If you were going to own a second home, where would it be? Would it be somewhere pretty close so that you could go there and relax during a long weekend? Or would it be somewhere warmer or more exotic? Or even still, would you just own two homes (like Tacoma and Seattle) and stay at the home closest to where your work is for that week? Help me understand this because I'm not sure if I know what people do with two homes or a second home per se.


angela said...

We're actually thinking of maybe buying a 2nd home at Lake Havasu. We've talked about it but not sure yet. I wouldn't mind a place in Utah or Colorado either. Near or on a lake would be Andrew's dream. We shall see. I would a love a place in Hawaii but that's definitely not happening anytime too soon. Dreams do come true with lots of hard work.

Peter said...

I've got a buddy from Havasu. He said it sucked living there, but it was a fun place to party. Colorado is a really nice state, lots of natural beauty. I always thought a place right on Alki would be cool.