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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bird Soup

Well, I'm a little bummed about the Hawks. Chicago gave us the opportunity to win and we just couldn't do it. We had our chances and just couldn't decisively take control. Overall, we had a good season considering we won the division and made it to the second round of the playoffs. I think if we make some good offseason moves, we'll definitely be a better team than this year. Well, hopefully the Mariners can do something because I doubt the Sonics will.


angela said...

I was bummed too. Wathed the entire game. It was unfortunate. We had every opportunity but oh well. Next year..hopefully everyone will heal and start next year off right. Still a young enough team to get that Superbowl ring sooner or later. I would've loved to have seen them make it 2 yrs in a row though.

Peter said...

Yeah, it's sad. Fortunately we are young and we can make some moves to get some quality players. Unfortunately, half of our best players weren't even playing due to injury. We've got great management, so we'll reload in the offseason.