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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sometimes I get asked about certain things that I really like. So, instead of rambling continuously, I figured I would occasionally start up a conversation on things that are worth recommending. I think you get the idea, so tell everyone what you are recommending. Ok, something that I really dig is my iMac. I have an iMac G5. It's a newer Mac with the Intel Dual Core Processors. Essentially it can run most PC stuff too. The Mac really is a far departure from a PC in many ways. The way it feels when you work with it, the way it reacts (and in many cases, doesn't react poorly), the way it updates itself, the way it reboots and so on. Pretty cool machine, you begin to see why people get so fanatical when talking about their Mac. I think the Mac feels a little more like an appliance whereas a PC feels more like a business application. I think both are still necessary, but if you can go the Mac route, you may be very surprised and pleased in the end. And even if you don't get a Mac, visiting an Apple Store is always very fun.

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