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Monday, January 29, 2007

Week Ahead

This week is Super Bowl week. All things football (or slightly related) will be blown out of proportion. In politics, the presidential hopefuls will probably be stumping everywhere. The question is, can we keep track of all of them? And, in Iraq, it just sounds like more bad news after the grim news. Quite the hornets nest, we'll see how it proceeds. Maybe it is time for the Iraqi government to step up and try to quell some of the fighting. A dire situation that appears to have a less than happy ending.


angela said...

Dude what happened to all your cool photos? Why are they all at the bottom of the page now? Anyhoo, 65 and getting warmer in V-town. Bring your asses down here. BTW..We're heading up in April, Me and Lauren. Sorry no other comment from the peanut gallery.

Peter said...

April should be good. It'll be fun. Hopefully the weather is decent.