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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weekend Events

The weekend is almost among us and I'm happy about that. With the weather calming down, I should be able to leave my house. But, it'll be tough with some good football games taking place. It doesn't look like there's a whole lot going on in the area. I think people are trying to get acclimated again after being in hibernation for about a week. It's beginning to look like maybe it'll be the Saint and Pats in the Super Bowl (but I could be wrong).


angela said...

It's been cold as Fu*k here the last 3 weeks. But a warming trend is going to hit starting next week 'they' say. Last night was 30 degrees. Southern CA got it hard as well. Heck it's even freezing in Phoenix. What is up with this weather?

Peter said...

We've screwed up the environment. It's all hell in a handbasket. Actually, I'm not sure, but I may not be that far off.