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Sunday, January 7, 2007


Hopefully you saw the Seahawks game on Saturday. If not, you missed a classic. It wasn't as high scoring as I thought it would be, but it was good nontheless. I can't believe that we won it in the fashion that we did. A botched kick wasn't what I thought would win it for us. I was also surprised that Dallas couldn't capitalize on our injured and depleted defensive backfield. With the injuries that we have, we are vulnerable to the type of offense that Dallas likes to run. Thankfully, we prevailed. Well, hopefully everyone can catch the next game and enjoy that as well.


pat hixon said...

we just enjoyed all the wildcard playoff games this weekend here in vegas.
i think its was obvious the hawks werent really any better than the cowboys even though we were pulling for them. actually, i just didnt want to see t.o. getting any bragging rights. i was fully expecting dallas to win all thru the game. i guess everyone else was too at the last play of the game. i really feel sorry for roma.
looking forward to the next round even though i think the hawks have already gotten further on quirks of fate than they really deserve.
i thought it would be really fun to see the manning brotheres have a go at it again, but i guess it just wasnt meant to be...this year anyway.
what do you guys think?

Peter said...

I think the Hawks got away with one. Now it starts getting really tough. I don't feel bad for Romo; I think he became more of a celebrity because of his looks than his play. He'll be good, but he needed to come back to Earth. I still think it'll be Chicago vs. New England or Baltimore.