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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Poor Health Care for the Poor

I was reading an article written by Kyung Song in The Seattle Times today discussing the lack of adequate dental care for the poor. It was quite distressing being that in the most powerful, wealthy, and prosperous country we still cannot give adequate health care and dental care to our own needy. Thankfully, addressing health care is becoming a more visible issue with both political parties attempting to come up with solutions. What worries me is the idea that politicians can come up with a quick fix and not a real solution. I don’t think that there is a system in another country that we can take and mimic just at face value, but I do think that there are models out there that we can observe. The answer will have to be custom and uniquely American to address our unique needs, but nonetheless, the answer needs to be on the table in the very near future.

The Seattle Times

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