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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Iraqi War Update

I just read a report on that says that 25 US troops died yesterday in Iraq. It's one of the worst days for US troop casualties since the beginning of the war. Why is it that I don't feel like we're almost out of this mess? And if we're not close to being out, how close are we to a satisfactory outcome? And maybe even more importantly, will Republicans start facing reality and force a clear message and plan from the current Administration (I'm not so certain Democrats are capable of that)? What do you think of the report? Click the link below to read the story.



angela said...

I'm thinking it could be another Vietnam where the war goes on for years and years and needless lives get shedded on both sides of the field. I think it's a winless war and we need to take our losses and just get the heck out of there. And I think the US government shouldn't be governing this country. There are far more tragic things to deal with then a billion dollars a month on the Iraq war. At this point, I think they feel, their in too deep to just walk away. But there are times when just walking away is the smartest thing to do. Vietnam ended up figuring out for themselves eventually and perhaps Iraq will as well. I don't see an end anytime soon. And this just disturbs me.

Peter said...

I don't see it going as long as Viet Nam, but the parallels are creepy. History does repeat itself and unfortunately I don't think our President studies history. And, the economics of the war can come back and bite us as well. Poor decisions are the real killer here.