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Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Resolutions Revisited (Or Maybe Just Goals)

So again I'm thinking about 2007. Are you really sticking with your resolutions? But more importantly, are you doing something that will create positive change for the better? I don't necessarily think the change has to be economical, but maybe personal, educational, spiritual or downright typical (but needed). It's so hard to stay focused on what I (or you) need to do. Once somebody comes along and pisses me (or maybe you) off, all the good stuff goes right out the window. And then once everything is settled, what was it that I was trying to do? People are funny that way. We try to be so focused, but then something (or someone) comes along and then the crap hits the fan. Well, once the fan is clean again, we're right back at square one (but now maybe with some regret). Such a battle! How do some people stay so good? I think of Mother Theresa or the Pope or someone as peaceful as Gandhi and it's like, "They're of the same species as me?" Amazing really when you think about it.

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