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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tacoma Changes

I was thinking about Tacoma and all of the changes taking place. I was also thinking about what else the city needs. The big one frequently mentioned is a grocery store closer or near downtown. I would certainly agree with that. But what else is needed? With all of the condo construction, I think a shopping/retail area would be nice. This wouldn’t have to be large, just something that would allow downtown and Hilltop residents a place to get the basics, i.e. a bookstore, clothing/dept. store, coffee shop, good take-out, etc. I was thinking that something similar to The Broadway Market up in Seattle would be nice. Or maybe we could squeeze in a smaller version of Northgate North by the Northgate Mall. I hate to leave my neighborhood only to drop off my hard earned money in a “nicer” neighborhood that has these businesses. I’d appreciate the chance to vote with my dollars, but that opportunity hasn’t quite worked itself out yet. I think a commercial, urban, contemporary space offering these features would be very much appreciated. If this was located near the hotels, visitors could have a place to shop in case they needed anything. I can’t imagine what an out-of-towner has to go through just because he/she forgot a dress shirt or socks. What do you think?


angela said...

It would make it more enjoyable for me and the children when we come to visit. At least when we come up this summer, it'll be spring/summer so there will be more to do. I think something like a smaller version of University Village would be nice..and yes better take out. There's an Indian Rest downtown that's pretty good. I forget the name of it, but it's on the corner across from WAMU..try it..YUM!!

Peter said...

I hear ya. There's a new children's museum, so that might be cool. There's always parks and the waterfront. Maybe we can get Sheila's dad to get us out on his boat. We usually go to a pizza place in Gig Harbor from the marina; it's pretty cool. There's always the Pacific Science Center too.