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Saturday, January 27, 2007


For those of you who blog or are into the blogging scene, I wanted to point out MyBlogLog. Many of you are already familiar with what it's about and how it works. So this is mainly for those who are new to it. MyBlogLog is a community site for bloggers and those interested in it. You can find all sorts of blogs and sites that you may not have stumbled upon otherwise. There are other sites that pretend to be somewhat communal, but this one really has lots of great people and lots of interesting sites to check out. I've found that the vibe on it is great and that most people are very helpful and encouraging. So, if you have a blog and want to show it off, or you just want to connect and see what other people are doing, I would highly recommend it. Use the link below to get there. And again, tons of stuff, info, sites and people to see.



angela said...

I signed up with mybloglog..funny..have a good Saturday night and Sunday.

Peter said...

Happy browsing!