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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iraqi War Update

The New York Times ran an article by John Holusha that sent more shivers and disappointment through my spine. Basically, a bunch of retired generals met with Congress and discussed the problems associated with our involvement in the Iraqi War. Essentially the message was, we're screwed and unless the present Administration changes the way they actually preceive the war, we'll continue to flounder. There was an interesting statement made that said that a big problem is that our Administration sees this war as a military problem and not a political one. I would have to agree with that statement. Are we really fighting terrorists or are we just caught in a terrible case of crossfire (this is a civil war after all)? I'm not so sure that this is any different (although more insidious and complicated) than the police actions taken during Viet Nam. The one good thing we have going for us now is that Republican politicians are trying to save face/their jobs and in doing so, must now question the direction of the war. This inherently forces Republicans to question their leadership up to this point. I'm happy that this questioning is taking place. It's time to stop playing politics and start doing what's best for the country and our troops. I don't know the right answer to this problem, but I'm afraid that our leaders don't either.

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