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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Food

This past week I had the chance to eat at two really good ethnic restaurants. If you're in the neighborhood or around Tacoma, you'll have to stop by. To start off, I'm really into going to unique places for food, so I was quite happy. The first restaurant is Gateway to India on 6th Ave. That place has such unique foods that it's a small adventure just going there. The garlic naan and chicken dishes are awesome. The food is great and the atmosphere is usually good since the place packs out. The other place is It's Greek to Me on 6th Ave as well. It's Greek to Me even has a drive through so you can get a gyro or sandwich and hit the road. The place has some really good chicken gyros, so feel free to check it out. And, it's a quick stop so you can get something and get back to what you were doing. By the way, what was I doing? Well, those are my two recommendations, so stop by and have a bite.

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