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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Is this a great time for football or what? We’re right in the middle of bowl season and the NFL playoffs are getting ready to start. I didn’t see the Oklahoma/Boise State game, but I did watch the highlights. It looks like I missed a classic. Too bad for Boise State, they aren’t going to get much consideration for a national title although they went undefeated. Still we don’t have a college playoff, when will the pain end? Not having a playoff really screws the underdog. I did watch the USC/Michigan game. Is USC scary or what? This was supposed to be a rebuilding year and again they’re in the Rose Bowl (and win). I initially didn’t think Florida should be in the title game, but after watching Michigan lose, I think the right decision was made. I don’t think Florida will beat Ohio State, but I’ve been wrong before. I was quietly hoping Arkansas and Wake Forest would have won, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. This part of the year is one of the best times if you’re a sports fan. Football, hoops and baseball coming soon; it doesn’t get much better.


angela said...

Did you see Seahawks play the Cowboys? WTF was that game all about. What a bunch of fu*kin clowns. Neither teams deserved to win after that fiasco of a game. But at this point I'm just glad Seattle did..though they sucked and by pure good luck. I watched New England today too (on now) they are dominating. Seattle needs to really start playing straight or they are OUT..

Peter said...

Seattle totally deserved it. When a team has to sign two guys this past week to play that haven't even played football this year, it's scary. Because of injuries, our entire cornerback squad was completely different. They beat a team that was pretty good. Some people picked the Cowboys to win it all this year. I'm glad the 'Boys lost; TO is a total jerk.